Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Review: The Sweet Spot in Lakewood

Sometimes you feel like a nut.  Sometimes you don't.

I think that was my experience with The Sweet Spot in Lakewood.  I was in the mood for ice cream when I stopped by, and gelato isn't even in the same ballpark as ice cream in my world, so my experience was good but not great. 

Things that are awesome about The Sweet Spot:
- Their gelato is made with hormone free milk from happy Ohio cows
- The gelato is made with unrefined and organic sugar
- There are a couple vegan flavors available (didn't event know that was possible!)
- From what I've read, the owner is a former cubicle dweller who decides to break free from the corporate world and start a business - something that takes balls to do

After trying a few flavors (with metal spoons -I understand the concept of being green, but I felt weird handing my freshly licked spoon to the girl who ended up scooping my gelato) I settled on the cheesecake gelato.  I enjoyed it.  It really did taste like cheesecake.

So...I think The Sweet Spot is a great little gelato shop and I think I definitely need to go back and give it another try - when I'm actually in the mood for gelato!

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  1. Thanks for stopping in...and thanks for the review! Hope to see you again when you are feeling like gelato! :)

    Celeste - The Sweet Spot