Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Restaurant Review Review: The Chubby Cook

The internet is an amazing thing.  Especially Facebook.  I've discovered so many places through the power of the "share" button on Facebook.  Like The Chubby Cook.

Located in Beachwood in a strip mall, The Chubby Cook is part take out restaurant, part catering company, and part cooking school.  Sounds like a lot to try and tackle for a new venture, but things seem to be going pretty well for the folks at The Chubby Cook so far.

I dropped by last week after stalking their web site and Facebook page to learn more about their daily specials.  Every day there is a different sandwich, salad, and entree special available.  (and according to their site/menu, if you call in advance, you can order anything off of their regular menu - which has plenty of vegetarian friendly options) I went for the daily entree special which was vegan ratatouille over polenta bars with slivered toasted almonds.  Admittedly, I'm not the biggest polenta fan, but even still - I really enjoyed my lunch.  (I could have eaten a whole container of the ratatouille - SO good!)  I called ahead, which seems like a good idea since they were nearly sold out of everything by 12:30.   Since I'm a sucker for brownies, I also grabbed one of their pre-made desserts, placed right by the check out stand.  If you can call it that.  I was able to cash out on an iPad.  Technology is awesome. 

If you live or work in the Beachwood area, The Chubby Cook is definitely worth a try.  Be sure to check out their specials and even more importantly - call ahead if you plan on placing an order.  Although you can eat in, I think getting take out might be better, too.  Seating is very limited.

Have you been to The Chubby Cook?

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