Thursday, December 31, 2015

Looking back at 2015

Another year has come and gone. I feel like the last couple years of my life have been kind of a blur with working a lot, getting fibromyalgia, and miscellaneous chaos in my life. I wonder what 2016 has in store for me?

In writing this, it made me remember a lot of good things that happened this year that I'd forgotten about. I've been in a funk lately, and I don't want that to carry over into 2016. So...happy trails to 2015. And to 2016? I'm ready for you.

Highlights from 2015:

  • Learned that playing Cards Against Humanity with with spouses of coworkers might not be the best idea
  • Had my picture taken with mermaids at the Progressive boat show
  • Helped my dad recover from spine surgery and hope to never see a parent in a nursing home again (see also: learned why people who work in nursing homes smother cranky patients)
  • Turned 34
  • Celebrated a "classy" St. Patty's Day downtown
  • Traveled to Louisville, Kentucky
  • Ran the Ambulance Chase 5K (RIP Lakewood Hospital)
  • Traveled to Chicago, IL and celebrated a good friend's birthday by drinking my weight in Tiki drinks

  • Completed the Hill Yeah Half Marathon and cursed the farm animals I ran past the whole way
  • Learned how to make rice paper spring rolls - those things are tricky
  • Had an intern - and wish that I could have an intern forevermore
  • Biked across Bay Village and made some new friends
  • Celebrated the anniversary of my grandmother's death at the Red Eagle Distillery with my mom
  • Launched a marketing campaign at work to help truck drivers get healthy - this consumed my life for many months, but it's nice to do more altruistic marketing once in awhile
  • Traveled to Dallas, TX and at at one of THE best vegan restaurants in the country - The Spiral Diner- and nearly died from alcohol poisoning (two unrelated things - they don't serve booze at the diner)

  • Learned that a 300 pound trucker can inspire thousands
  • Rode in a hot air balloon and discovered the deliciousness of Cook's Spumante
  • Completed 4 rounds (in a row) of the 21 day fix and shed some major inches
  • Mourned the loss of a former coworker but honored his memory by running in a race dedicated to him
  • Learned to love vegan protein powder - thanks for the swag, Naturade
  • Spent lots of time alone in hotel rooms on work trips wishing I was at home
  • Learned the importance of mini fridges in hotel rooms
  • Helped Emmet Street Creations sell some of her fine wares at various fairs and fleas
  • Learned that I probably have narcolepsy but haven't had time to get that checked out
  • Traveled to New Braunfels, TX - I'll save you a trip - there's not much there
  • Traveled to Austin, TX and met some of the coolest vegan food truck owners at The Vegan Yacht
  • Formed Birch Cafe, LLC in hopes of really getting started with my vegan business
  • Ran the Autumn Leaves 5 miler and remembered how large the Lake Farmpark is and cursed some farm animals again
  • Traveled to Savanna, GA and Hilton Head, SC multiple times 
  • Started vegan culinary school
  • Went to Baltimore, MD and walked miles and miles and miles
  • Hosted my first all vegan Thanksgiving dinner
  • Went to Atlanta, GA and had a "famous" peach daiquiri at Polaris
  • Celebrated the unions of some great people (see also: why I'll never drink chardonnay again)
  • Didn't cry on Christmas