Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Review

So, friends. It's nearly 2013. At the beginning of 2012, I told myself that I was going to have my best year ever. Obviously everything happens for a reason, but there were some not so awesome things that happened this year. But as they say, when one door closes, another one opens. I plan on spending NYE surrounded by my friends and family in the hopes that 2013 will really be my year.
Lets first talk about the low-lights of 2012.
  • My boyfriend of 7 years left me and started dating a much younger woman
  • I was homeless after said breakup
  • I came as close to a nervous breakdown as you can
  • I struggled with depression
So, overall, a short list. Here are the good things that happened:
  • Took multiple cooking classes and learned a lot of new techniques
  • Went to the Staples Center in LA and saw a Clippers game
  • Got a chance to see Santa Monica, one of the most beautiful places in the country
  • Had an epic Valentine's Day party with all of my girlfriends
  • Had a great birthday celebration with my friends in Tremont - but I still wish I didn't pass out on the floor before it was time for pizza at Edison's
  • Had fun in college town Columbia, Missouri
  • Had the best St. Patty's Day ever with some of my old and new friends
  • Spent an amazing week in Milwaukee, the booze capital of the nation (there's nothing like fresh vodka)
  • Had a great Easter with my ex's family
  • Ran my first 50k Mother's Day weekend and my mom was there to support me and buy emergency socks
  • Ran in the Color Run (my Garmin will never be color free after that race)
  • Learned how to CELEBRATE at the DMB concert
  • Got to run in a huge 7 mile group run in Davenport, Iowa, my favorite work trip town that I go to
  • Went through a soul shattering breakup and came out ok
  • Got the opportunity to rent a house and live near a school and be reminded of the tough job teachers have
  • Learned who my real friends were when I was going through life altering chaos
  • Realized that although my romantic relationship with my ex ended, his family will always be a part of my life
  • Ran my second 50k with a little help from my mom and friends
  • Learned about codependency and sought treatment through Al Anon
  • Discovered that my depression is treatable through meds
  • Ran multiple 5ks with my mom and helped her to PR
  • Bought the house of my dreams in a neighborhood I never thought I could afford
  • Learned to be grateful and accept help
  • Regained a sense of faith
  • Realized that some people just don't have any business being in my life if all they want to do is bring me down
  • Stayed in the most frightening hotel ever in Times Square
  • Spent Thanksgiving and Christmas alone to reflect and heal
  • Realized that I can't save the world and it's really not my job to - I have enough to deal with in my own life
  • Learned how to be handy around the house
  • Learned to not be so hard on myself and take things less seriously
If you're keeping score, this year was mainly good, I guess. Like most things in life, I think the definitions of "good" and "bad" are based on your perspective. Did I go through stuff I didn't want/expect to? Yep. Did I experience some awful times? Yep. But I've chosen to not focus on those bad moments and focus on the great times I had and the brighter days ahead. As I tell myself when I'm running and feel exhausted or discouraged, one foot in front of the other, step by step. That's really all that life is, I think. A series of footsteps through good times and bad. But the trick is to keep moving. Because nothing good or bad lasts forever, and if you don't keep moving, you'll miss out on the beauty waiting for you down the road.

Best wishes for the new year...and whatever lies ahead on your road of life.

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  1. Hopefully 2013 is off to a MUCH better start! I too had the long term boyfriend dump me and though it totally sucked ass at the time, life is SO much better now!! If you are looking for a fun thing to do, try the Cleveland International Film Fest - it's a great place to see a movie solo because everyone is really friendly and you just might make a new friend/chat up a cute boy while you're waiting in line. :)