Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thirty Days of Thankful - Day 20 - Alcohol

Note: Today is day 20 in my series "30 Days of Thankful."

I love you more, than the week I did before, I discovered alcohol
Would you please ignore, that you found me on the floor
- "Alcohol" - Bare Naked Ladies

Being alone near the holidays can be rough. I went to Whole Foods the other day and bought a cart full of wine and the cashier asked if I was responsible for providing beverages for the holiday. I shamelessly explained that the wine was going to be my dinner. I was only half kidding.

This Thanksgiving is going to be a little rough for me. It's the first time I won't be hosting Thanksgiving dinner. The first time I'll be alone for a holiday. I could continue on with the pity party, but I think you get my drift. It's not the way I enjoy spending a holiday, but it's not the end of the world and I know I'll survive.

I probably should be ashamed to admit than I've been drinking a bit more than I should lately, but it really is what it is. For the most part, I'm being responsible. There have been a couple times when I should have known when to say when, but thankfully, I have great friends who know when to get my sorry behind home safely instead. I'm trying to enjoy life again. And sometimes that fun includes having an adult beverage or five.

I am well aware of the dangers of using alcohol to cope. I go to Al Anon multiple times a week. I get that it's not a healthy behavior, but, a glass of wine once in awhile while I'm home alone isn't going to kill me, I think. Neither is a happy hour or two with coworkers. Or a night out at the bar once in awhile with my friends. I'm in this crazy transitional period where I'm trying to figure out who the heck I am. I never really went out in my younger years, so maybe I have some going out to get out of my system before I move into the next phase of my adult life.

So today, I am thankful for alcohol. The cause of and solution to life's problems.

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