Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Is Vegan in Cleveland the New Black?

First of all, I'm not dead.  Posting on my blog has taken a backseat to school work.  Exciting, right?  Who turns 30 and decides to go back to school "for fun?"  But enough about me.

In my posting absence, I have noticed all sorts of "vegan things" popping up around town.  Is vegan the new black?  Almost every day of the week you can find a vegan night or a restaurant offering tasty vegan fare.  Here are some of my recent vegan discoveries:
  • Now That's Class - Holy vegan-ness!  Specials most days of the week - including a vegan chesesteak night!  
  •  Vegan Sweet Tooth - Cleveland's first retail vegan bakery.  YES! Opening at Eton on Chagrin later this spring.
  • Johnny Mango - Taco Tuesday!  (sure, I knew they have taco Tuesday, but I didn't realize they offer bean tacos - not just meat tacos!)
  • Umami Moto - One of Cleveland's newest food trucks - offering multiple vegan options.
  • Root Cafe - An amazingly cool vegetarian/vegan cafe in Lakewood offering a wide selection of vegan food.
As I move towards a vegan lifestyle and away from a vegetarian lifestyle, I think it's really exciting to see Cleveland embrace the vegan food movement.  What other vegan food offerings am I missing?


  1. I didn't do an exhaustive search on your blog or anything, but over the last couple of months, I've done restaurant reviews of Szechuan Garden in Lakewood, Flaming Ice Cube in downtown CLE, Happy Dog (which I'm sure everyone knows about) and just today, a write-up of Deagan's Kitchen & Bar, who similar to Johnny Mango, does a veggie/vegan menu on Wednesdays.

    You've given me some more places to visit, thanks!

    Exploring Food My Way

  2. Foodgazi does vegan cooking classes.

  3. @ Tino - I absolutely LOVE the Flaming Ice Cube, although I've only been to to Boardman location. I've always wanted to check out Sezchwan Garden. I'll have to add that to my list.

    @ S.K. - I'm familiar with Foodgazi. In fact, I need to sign up for a class. A previous session I signed up for got canceled, so I have a "due bill" of sorts.

  4. Lago in Tremont offers a vegan/vegetarian menu on Mondays and it's awesome! Also, Phoenix Coffee in Cleveland Heights is featuring Poisonberry Bakery Vegan treats--YUM!

  5. Olivia VonCinchenwagarMarch 26, 2011 at 12:38 PM

    Chef Jakub Mejstrik prepares a lovely vegan feast once monthly at the Bistro on E.185th. This Wednesday (03/30) he will be featuring an irish-themed spread: Caramelized Onion, Cabbage, and Vegan Bacon Tart. 2nd Course: Irish Stew with Vegetables and Gardein on a Bed of Red Bliss Potato Mash and Spring Onions. 3rd Course: Chocolate Mousse Infused with Irish Whiskey. It's sure to be "magically delicous!"

  6. "No Whey" vegan chocolates are available in Tower City by the fountain this weekend and next Sat/Sun (they're set up close to Claire's at the end farthest from the food court).

  7. http://www.thephatvegan.com/Menu.html