Friday, December 11, 2009

It's the weekend. Now what? Maybe some raw food

What a week!  I'm surprised to find that it's Friday.  I'd say "Friday already" but this week has felt like at least 3 years to me.  Possibly more.  I feel like I've aged at least 15 years since Sunday, and I've most certainly only gotten around 12 hours of sleep.  But enough about the chaos in my world!  It's the weekend!  If you're like me and work for one of the largest employers in NE Ohio, it's also bonus time.  I'll be hoarding my money like a squirrel, but if you have some extra time and some cash, you may want to check out the west side edition of Bazaar Bizarre. I had the opportunity to check out the east side version and saw sooo many things that I liked.  You've got to hand it to Cleveland's craftspeople. (Like these fine folks showing their wars at the bazaar.) There are hoards of them selling their wares on Etsy, the best non-commercial crafty gifts site ever.  I had planned on buying local and/or homemade presents for this holiday season, but suddenly I no longer have anyone to shop for.  But maybe you do?

And while you're on the west side, check out Good 'N Raw inside the Optimal Wellness Center, which offers holistic care, yoga, and more.  But I can't comment on any of those things, because I was only there for the food.  Good 'N Raw is an all raw foods cafe/shop with a great selection of raw food takeout itmes.  If you're not familiar with raw food, it's pretty much what you think it would be - foods that are completely raw or are cooked at low temperatures (around 100 degrees, I believe) in order to preserve the nutrients, flavor, etc. within foods.  Who knew there was even such a thing in Cleveland?  I sure didn't.

Good 'N Raw features a selection of prepackaged "takeout" items like brownies, chips, granola and other random raw foods items.  They offer a full menu of items that can be made in minutes, including smoothies, juices, and a couple sandwiches.  (Literally two)  

As soon as I walked in, I was greeted with samples of avocado mousse and ridiculously good kale chips.  After two little bites, I knew I needed to try a full meal.  So I ordered the Rawsome Burger, made out of mushrooms, walnuts, sunflower seeds, almonds, celery, red onion, and a whole hodge podge of other things.  I also got some kale and sweet potato chips and a macadamia nut brownie.  (I'd just run in a race...I was hungry.)


This was my first raw burger and I can honestly say it's the best veggie burger I've ever eaten.  (And I've been a vegetarian for my whole life, so I've eaten plenty of them.)  Since it was raw/fresh it was extremely flavorful.  It was also very filling.  The kale and sweet potato chips were also excellent.  They're like a cross between flavored chips and dehydrated vegetables.  It's hard to explain.  And the!  Definitely different than your standard mix brownie, but definitely rich and delicious.

If you have any interest in vegan or raw foods or just want to try something different, you owe it to yourself to check this place out.  Maybe I'll treat myself again this weekend...

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