Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thai one on at Bangkok Thai

The spent an evening last week "bonding" with my mother. We don't get a chance to spend all that much time together due to my work schedule and because she lives out in the woods, far, far away from civilization, so it was to get to sit down and share a meal together.

Mom and I ate dinner at my favorite neighborhood restaurant - Bangkok Thai. Located in a nondescript shopping plaza in Lyndhurst, you wouldn't expect much from Bangkok Thai, but the food is absolutely amazing.

We started out our meal with tofu triangles - 6 perfectly crispy on the outside/soft on the inside triangles of tofu-y goodness. Served with a peanut sauce on the side, I could have easily eaten a few orders of these little triangular nuggets.

For my entree, I ordered the pine nut stir fry, a mix of vegetables, pine nuts, and tofu in a ginger sauce. (Ironically, my meal ended up looking just like my mother's vegetable rainbow...hmmm...)

I'm terrible at cooking tofu and wish I could cook mine the way the folks at Bankok Thai cook theirs. The consistency is just perfect - slightly firm on the outside but soft on the inside. The ginger sauce, complimented by the fresh ginger in the dish, was perfect - not too strong like some ginger flavored dishes I've had elsewhere.

I'm always impressed by how fresh everything tastes at Bangkok Thai. And the service. Granted, I've never seen the restaurant on a busy night (although I wish I had - this place is a hidden gem), but the service is always spot on. I've never gone without water, or any other mealtime necessity for more than a few seconds before someone rushes over to refill my glass or clear away a dirty plate.

I've heard that this restaurant is as close to authentic as a Thai restaurant can get(says the Irish girl), on either side of town. If you happen to be in the eastern suburbs and want a delicious Thai meal, be sure to check Bangkok Thai out. They're open for lunch and dinner the majority of the week.

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