Monday, August 24, 2009

The perfect enchilada at Luchita's in Hudson

Since my trip to Chicago earlier this spring, I've been desperately trying to find cheese (or vegetable) enchiladas with a verde sauce. I can buy Amy's frozen enchiladas in the store any day of the week, but up until this past weekend when I made an amazing discovery at Luchita's, I wasn't able to find any Mexican restaurants around town serving what I've always thought was a fairly common entree.

I happened to be in Hudson on Saturday making a cupcake run (more on that later) with a few of my friends. Picking out cupcakes from the 20 varieties served daily at Main Street Cupcakes is hard work, so after that, we decided to grab some lunch at Luchita's.

Mexican restaurants sometimes scare me. If they're "too authentic" they look like a pinata threw up an everything is made with pork fat or other non-vegetarian friendly ingredients. Or they have only one or two vegetarian options. Thankfully, Luchita's wasn't like this. Not only was it beautifully decorated (and not in your hokey Chi-Chi's Mexican restaurant fashion), but the menu offered plenty of vegetarian options, including cheese enchiladas with verde sauce! (They also offer the option to swap out refried beans for vegetarian black beans with no extra charge - hooray!)

After chowing down on the free chips and moderately spicy salsa, I ordered a cheese enchilada with verde sauce. I debated over getting the vegetable enchilada with verde sauce or the cheese enchilada, but cheese ultimately won the race. When made correctly, cheese enchiladas are just so good! I had high expectations for these enchiladas. And I wasn't let down.

I honestly think these enchiladas were some of the est enchiladas I've ever eaten. Despite being a cheese enchilada, my food didn't taste overly heavy or greasy. The black beans also served as a nice accompaniment and tasted even better with some of the runoff of the verde sauce.

Had it not been so early in the day and if I hadn't had a few margaritas the night before, I might have tried one of the exotic sounding margaritas on the menu - like the watermelon margarita. I enjoyed my meal so much that I hope to go back soon (probably to one of the other locations just to see if the food quality is the same) and enjoy some cocktails along with a delicious enchilada or two. (or three if I'm extra hungry)

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