Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Near East Pearled Couscous

I'm always game for trying new products that I find at Whole Foods. Especially Near East Products. I've been a fan of their pasta for years and I love couscous so I thought I'd give their new pearled couscous a try.

I'd never had pearled couscous before, but since I like regular couscous so much, I figured this side dish could be added to me repertoire.

Wrong. Align Center

I'm normally not weird about food textures, and maybe some of this was user error, but my couscous ended up like gummy little balls.

Bland, gummy balls. I forced myself to eat one portion (190 calories) because I thought they might have just looked worse than they tasted. But it was bad all the way around. The garlic flavor was too subtle (maybe canceled out by the gumminess!) and I just couldn't get past how the couscous balls squished in my mouth.

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