Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Big Eats at Pacific East in Eton

For a long time, I've honestly believed that I could win a non-meat, professional eating contest. Despite my small frame, I can really pack in the food. Don't even think about coming near me when I have a fork in hand or a bowl of microwave popcorn in front of me. You could lose an eye!

In all seriousness, I think I have one of the biggest appetites - ever. Blame it on the running, or liking food - a lot. I dunno. I really think I could out eat just about anyone. Especially when it comes to sushi.

After sampling some delicious sushi at last week's 5X7 at Whole Foods, I decided that I was meant to order take out sushi. Granted, I could have gotten 12 maki rolls at Whole Foods for $6-ish dollars, but that wouldn't even make a dent in my appetite.

Instead, I checked out Pacific East in Eton. I'd been to the Coventry location and loved the food - just not the fishy smell. I didn't know what to expect at the Eton location except some good grub, at slightly higher prices.

Behold, my dinner - 42 maki rolls:

(This picture doesn't do the mammoth plate of sushi any justice.)

Yes, 42 pieces. Yamogobo, avocado, radish, squash, cucumber, and assorted veggies. They're all so fabulous, I couldn't just order a couple kinds. Heck, I could have ordered more! The bean curd maki roll is pretty good, too. I was only slightly embarrassed to find two sets of chop sticks and soy sauce in my take out bag. But I enjoyed my dinner so much that I didn't even care.

What I also enjoyed was the ambiance of this Pacific East location. Granted, it's in an upscale shopping plaza, so I should have expected it to be nice, but it was really cute. The walls were painted vibrant colors and the dark wood tables were really sleek accents to the decor. I was half tempted to sit down and eat my food there, but I was afraid of the looks of horror the other diners would give me. I definitely hope to go back with a vegetarian who can share some sushi with me or my boyfriend who can be satisfied by 12 tiny, fishy rolls.

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