Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rubber Hose Brownies

A few days ago, I talked about my most excellent brunch at Vine and Bean, but I didn't talk about the brownie I took home with me. Actually, brownies - plural. I don't like to share, and I thought it would be mean to scarf down what could be a delicious brownie before my boyfriend got home. Especially since he's been kind enough to pick me up brownies from White Flower Cake Shoppe before. These brownies looked delicious, and since they were lovingly made by Heather Haviland of Sweet Mosaic, who is known for making some of the most delicious and decadent pastries around town, I was pretty excited.

After our Sunday dinner, and after a nice, leisurely walk around the neighborhood, we sat down in front of the tube with our brownies. I'd followed the instructions that the girl at Vine and Bean had given me - I'd taken the brownies out of the fridge a good 15 minutes before we sat down to eat them. (She said that since the brownies were made with real butter, cream, etc., they needed to warm up in order for the "fats" to get to the appropriate taste levels.) So my boyfriend and I each took a forkful of brownie and hoped for the best.

What a let-down.

Our brownies literally tasted like a rubber hose. Which was not only unappetizing but a little disturbing. I'm not sure if we got some old brownies, or if they'd been too close to some rubber in the refrigerated case at the restaurant, but they tasted absolutely awful. (Something I hadn't expected after my excellent meal at Vine and Bean.) Since I've heard nothing but rave reviews about Sweet Mosaic's pastries, I'd definitely give another dessert a shot...but I don't think I could stomach another brownie. (Which is so sad because I LOVE brownies.)

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