Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cleveland Peace Officer's Memorial Tattoo

Ah, yes. Another post that has absolutely nothing to do with vegetarianism. But it does have something to do with Cleveland.

One of my dear friends (since the days of having lockers next to each other in high-school and being backyard neighbors) is a police officer who braves the mean streets of Willowick. (my hometown - represent!) In addition to being the unhealthiest skinny person I know (no donut jokes, please) , which is a talent in itself, he's an amazing bagpipe player.

Yes, bagpipes.

I'm sure that everyone doesn't share my appreciation for bagpipes. I mean, I typically only get to hear them at weddings or funerals (it's an Irish staple, don't you know?), but when played correctly, bagpipes can sound beautiful. And not like a dying goose.

I'm very excited to get to be a super-fan-girl for my friend at this weekend's 24th Annual Cleveland Peace Officer's Memorial Tattoo, a concert featuring bagpipe bands from around the region. It's being held Saturday, May 16 at 7:00 pm at the Allen Theater. My friend has a solo - yes, a bagpipe solo - and I'm excited for him to get this opportunity. He's always been able to pick up languages, musical instruments, and random trivia with ease, and although I'm a wee bit I'm jealous of him for that, I'm proud of him for being recognized as one of the best bagpipers around. I hope to attend the after party to see what that's like. Despite being full of police officers, I hear it can get a little crazy. (I won't be getting crazy since I have to run the next morning in the Cleveland Marathon 10K)

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