Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Cookie and Cupcake

Some people might choose to spend one of the first warm spring Saturday mornings enjoying the great outdoors. Running...biking...doing yard work. But not me. I spent a lovely Saturday morning with my friends and took a field trip to A Cookie and a Cupcake. I've been on a bit of a dessert kick lately and happened to Google-across this cupcakery. And it's a legitimate cupcakery. The majority of their display cake was filled with some of the most decadent looking cupcakes I've ever seen. Ironically, there were very few cookies. Hmmm.

(Some of the fancier cupcakes that can be special ordered)

As soon as we walked up to A Cookie and cupcake, I just knew that we'd be getting some extraordinary cupcakes. The storefront looked extra cure and there was a crazy looking picnic table outside. Par for the course for Tremont, where the shop is located, but still cute nonetheless.

My friend Kelly had suggested that we get to the shop early, in case they had a run on cupcakes. I was a bit skeptical about that before I got there, but once we got there and the shop filled up around us, I realized she was right.

I purchased 3 cupcakes - one for myself and two for my friend who's having a birthday shin dig. he and I frequently go on cupcakes runs for lunch, so I thought if anyone would appreciate a decadent cupcake as a birthday treat, it would be him. My cupcakes were put in a nice bakery box with an uber cute sticker depicting the store's logo. One of my friends got one cupcake, and it was delicately placed in a mini Chinese food take-out box. Ridonkulously cute!

We stopped off for some lunch afterwards at Johnny Mango (where you can get the best mango margarita in the city!), so we didn't have a chance to eat our cupcakes. If I could have ripped open the box of cupcakes in the car and eaten mine, I probably would have. But my friends might have looked at me like I was crazy.

However, once I made it back to my house, I rushed inside, got out a plate, snapped a picture of my cupcake, and then dug in.

I had brought the PB Lovers cupcake home with me. It was an amazingly moist chocolate cupcake with a peanut buttery center and peanut butter buttercream and peanut butter crunch on top. It was truly heavenly. I've tried a bunch of cupcakes in the past few months, and this was by far the absolute best one I've had. Although in all fairness, I normally get carrot cupcakes, so it's not really an apples to apple comparison. I bought the vanilla and chocolate varieties for my friend, and my cupcake companions tried some other varieties, so I'm anxious to hear what they think about the different kinds. The only thing that I wish is that the shop had a little seating area (besides the outside table) to enjoy cupcakes at. I could envision sitting with a nice cup of coffee and a cupcake (similar to the setup at Molly's Cupcakes in Chicago) and then wandering down the street to one of the many restaurants for a drink or some lunch. My little field trip has inspired me to start exploring more local restaurants, especially now that the weather will be fairly decent. My friends and I hope to take another field trip in the coming weeks...stay tuned!


  1. Wasn't that Peanut Butter cupcake the best! At least I think it was. I gobbled it down so fast I barely had time to taste it! What a fun day!

  2. My apple cupcake was tasty, but I still think Main Street Cupcakes are the best I've ever had!

    To be fair, I've never had an apple cupcake at MSC, so it's not really an, er, apples to apples comparison :)