Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cleveland Magazine hates vegetarians

I received my new issue of Cleveland Magazine in the mail yesterday. I was excited to see that this issue features restaurant reviews. I love reading about Cleveland restaurants, and hoped I could find a few new place to try. Deep down, I also secretly hoped there would at least be a mention of vegetarian dining in Cleveland. And there was. Sort of. A teeny, tiny, bottom of the page, not very graphically interesting article about 2 restaurants - VegiTerranean - in Akron - and Taza - in Woodmere.

C'mon, Cleveland Magazine. Restaurants in Akron and Woodmere? You can't profile one restaurant in the greater Cleveland area that offers vegetarian options? Yes, Woodmere counts as Greater Cleveland, but there are so many other options around town. How about Melt's many vegetarian sandwiches and soups? Lago's vegetarian Mondays? Or Ponte Veccio's upcoming vegetarian wine dinner? Or the ballad of the meatless and delicious at Johnny Mango? Even was able to profile 5 restaurants with vegetarian lunch options. Arrrgh.

As a whole, I was pretty disappointed with the entire restaurant section. Although they featured 121 restaurants, it seemed like most of them advertise in the magazine. Hmmm.

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