Monday, August 25, 2008

Wedding Season is Officially Over

On Saturday, Jeff and I went to a wedding for his friends Ryan and Melissa. If the 3+ years that I've known/dated Jeff, almost all of his friends have gotten married. Ryan and Melissa appear to be the "last" couple to be getting married for quite some time. (Someone asked me if we were next and I really almost died laughing.)

The day stared off with a very brief wedding ceremony at a Methodist church in Mentor. The short duration of the ceremony gave us around 4 hours to kill before the reception. We headed to Cleats in Mentor, along with most of the other wedding attendees, including Jeff's parents. For bar food, our meals were pretty good. I had my "bar food" standard of a plain baked potato and a salad. I also had a few of the friend mushrooms Jeff's dad had ordered. Jeff and his father both got chicken fingers that they thought were pretty good.

Once the Browns game started the bar got to be a bit more crowded, so some of the ladies headed next door to Billy's martini bar at the Comfort Inn. Now, I love martinis. And martini bars. But it probably wasn't the best idea to add a martini in the mix after I'd been drinking for quite some time. I enjoyed an orange martini. It was dangerously good. Thank goodness the service was slow or I probably would have had two. The neatest thing about this bar is that they give you the "extra" martini goodness in a little shotglass so you can refill your drink once you start to get low. Again, a good concept, but in the end, probably bad for my liver.

We had a great time at the wedding, held at Capelli's in the Comfort Inn, but wisely chose to skip going out afterwards. It took me until this morning to fully recover. I hope I'm back in good form by $5 martini Thursday!

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