Friday, February 1, 2013

I'm Super (Bowl), Thanks for Asking

Well, that's a bit of a lie. But I am currently down and out with some sort of super virus. I spent two hours at a CVS Minute Clinic for someone to tell me that. Siigh. I think there's some irony in the fact that it took an hour for the nurse practitioner to see one patient at the MINUTE Clinic, but...I'm not a medical practitioner, so who am I to judge?

Something that IS Super is my upcoming Super Bowl party. In recent years, I've secretly become a football fan. (Heck, I think I can even say I'm a sports fan in general.) As with my NCAA basketball bracket picks, I'm using Roxanne-logic to pick who I want to win. I work with someone who lives in Cali and has season tickets for the 49'ers, so I'd like them to win. For that reason and that reason alone. (I think Baltimore is a super awesome city, but since I'm from Cleveland, I have to root against the Ravens, right?)

Having a Super Bowl party is kind of a semi-annual tradition in my life. I have an extensive collection of football themed party ware, and I'm excited to put all of my football shaped dishes to good use. In years past, Super Bowl parties weren't all that fun for me, but this year promises to be pretty awesome! I have a small army of friends coming over to help me break in my new 55 inch tv (please don't rob me) and brand new family room furniture. I had my kitchen slightly remodeled just so it will be easier to see the game from my kitchen table.

I still suffer from what I call the Shawshank Effect, meaning it's weird for me to make a decision about things on my own without having to check with someone else first. Like, I can invite anyone I want to? I can serve up lots of vegetarian food alongside the meaty Super Bowl favorites? I can tell people to take their shoes off because it's my house and that's the way things go here?

I say all this because I held a Super Bowl party last year and it was one of THE most miserable experiences of my life. (Well, at least up until that point. If only I'd known about what was to come 5 months later! Zing!) I'd held plenty of Super Bowl parties in the past, but this one was thrown together kind of last minute. The days leading up to the event are a bit foggy in my mind, but I think I remember saying that I wasn't going to help with party prep because I wasn't allowed to invite any of my friends. Not the most mature response, but my feelings were hurt and I didn't have the confidence to stand up for myself and insist on inviting my own friends over. (hello, codependency!) Party time rolled around and all of my ex's friends came over. They were all great friends with each other and I never quite fit in. I tried to make pleasant conversation, but my responses to their conversations were met with disapproving looks, silence, or a quick subject change. Siiiigh. I spent part of the evening upstairs talking to my cats because I felt like a stranger in my own house. It was not cool. Roxanne today wishes she could go back in time and shake old Roxanne. I let my own insecurities ruin my night. In my own house! How crazy is that? I wish I'd been able to just chill out and enjoy the party. But at least that's the plan for this year.

This year I look forward to a drama free affair full of good food, better drinks, and the best possible company - my uber supportive friends! So whether you're a fan of football, party food, commercial watching, or halftime, I hope you have an enjoyable Super Bowl Sunday. And don't forget to watch the puppy bowl on Animal Planet!

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