Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thirty Days of Thankful - Day 7 - Cats

This week's posts have been a little dark, so I thought I'd lighten the mood today.  Today, on day 7 of "30 Days of Thankful," I am thankful for cats.

I have two cats.  Let me tell you that I'm glad that in my recent split, the cats got to go with me. I almost think my ex considered staying with me JUST because of the cats. Not joke. In all fairness, he did a much better job of taking care of them (they were fed at a certain time every night, brushed regularly, were doted on) a self proclaimed crazy cat lady, I think I'm doing ok as a single cat parent.  I may not know their favorite varieties of Fancy Feast like my ex did, but...I'm learning. My cat Theodora knows this neat trick where if she's hungry and/or her food bowl is empty, she clangs that dish against the water dish and I come running.  She's a 17 pound bruiser, so if there's one thing this cat knows how to do, it's get fed. 

While my little grey cat Fiona is as acrobatic as they come, poor Teddy is like the oafy but lovable fat kid in gym class.  What she makes up in physical prowess, she sure makes up for in heart. I've often told people that the person I'm going to marry will love me the way Theodora loves me. Unless you have pets, you might not understand this, but the way Theodora looks in my eyes?  It says - always - "I love you, mommy." More so than any other pet I've had.  I mean, Fiona likes me, too. But unfortunately for her, I was never her favorite. But I still love her just the same.

Teddy is on the top step, Fiona is on the bottom
If your life is feeling a little lonely this holiday season, you might want to get yourself a furry companion. I volunteer at Berea Animal Rescue Friends every other weekend, and I can tell you that the place is packed to the gills (as is every shelter, unfortunately) with animals who really deserve to have a nice home. Especially for the holidays. If having an animal isn't feasible for you, maybe you'd consider making a donation to an animal charity that's near and dear to your heart? I can tell you that every penny helps. People who handle the financial operations of a shelter must be miracle workers or saints because I don't know how they manage to take care of so many animals and still stay afloat.

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