Friday, October 29, 2010

The best part of Halloween - Boo-ritos

I've never been all that into Halloween.  I don't like dressing up.  I like candy but know I shouldn't eat a lot of it.  And I was scarred by a trick or treating incident at my house a couple years ago. 

Me: (to a little girl in a bloody princess dress) What are you dressed up as, sweetie?
Little girl: (maybe 8 years old) My husband beats me

Kids say the darndest things, huh?  (I gave her extra candy for good measure.  An 8 year old shouldn't be dressing up as a victim of domestic violence!)

So, the only part of Halloween I find to be enjoyable is Chipotle's annual Boorito promotion, where in the past, they've given away free food to anyone dressed as a burrito.  I've really enjoyed wrapping myself in foil for freebies, but this year - there's no free lunch - or dinner in this case, since the boorito promotion starts at 6 pm.  This year, if you dress up like a processed food item, you can get a burrito for only $2.  Up to $1,000,000 of the boorito proceeds will be donated to Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, a movement dedicated to improving nutrition standards and the way Americans eat.  (would you like fries with that?)

I can get down with spending $2 for a burrito - especially if that money goes towards helping the cheeseburger nation learn about better ways to eat and feed their families.  Now I just need to think up a costume!

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