Friday, February 12, 2010

The most wonderful time of the year

Unlike the majority of people across the interwebs who seem to love to bash Valentine's Day, I am proud to state that Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday of the entire year.  For real.  What's not to love about love?  and although this will be my first "single" Valentine's Day in over 10 years, I'm not sad.  I have plenty of great people in my life who love me. 

I've loved Valentine's Day since the days of elementary school where you'd try to create the nicest valentine holder in the entire class.  (remember those construction paper covered shoe boxes?) Heck, I still pass out valentines to co-workers.  At my age, it might a little bit silly to do so, but who doesn't love getting a cheap little valentine and a chocolate heart?  

I've always appreciated the smallest gestures, and something as insignificant as receiving a silly little valentine really makes my day.  In fact, the nicest Valentine's gift I've ever gotten was an old valentine from a significant other's childhood that he'd forgotten to give away.  It still had his name scrawled on it in little kid handwriting.  It was great.  I don't need something fancy like candy or flowers from someone to know that they care - just a small gesture will do.  Which is why I'm gathering up as many of my friends as I can and I'm throwing one of my semi-annual Valentine's Day parties tonight.  (semi-annual because life has gotten in the way the past few years...and there was a horrible car accident before one of my parties - I still feel guilty about that) The spirit of any holiday should be togetherness, in my opinion, and since I don't have a boyfriend to spend this holiday with, why not enjoy some time with my friends?

Hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day weekend...whether you like the holiday or not.

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