Thursday, July 2, 2009

Skinny Cow Vanilla with Caramel Ice Cream Cone

Who craves ice cream in 60-degree weather?

Me, of course.

On Tuesday, I had some delicious Stonyfield Farm Organic Low Fat Creme' Caramel Yogurt. At 130 calories/1.5 grams of fat per serving ( 4 servings in a container), I only feel moderately guilty for sitting down and eating a half pint at one time. The yogurt itself isn't anything spectacular but the caramel swirl - oh, it's divine. It tastes like the most fattening caramel sauce you've ever had in a sundae - but isn't all that bad for you.

Last night, after a robust one legged workout (more on my foot injury that just isn't healing and is putting my life on hold in a future post), I stopped by the grocery store and happened upon the Skinny Cow ice cream. I've mentioned before that I'm a big fan of the 50 calorie mini fudge bars made by Skinny Cow, so when I saw the 150 calorie ice cream cones, I thought I should give them a try.

I bought the Vanilla with Caramel variety, which has 150 calories and 3 grams of fat per cone. Making it less healthy than the yogurt. But it came with a cone! And a decent sized cone, at that. For a 150 calorie cone, I was literally expecting something doll sized, but it seemed fairly normal to me. Slightly smaller than my childhood favorite - the Nestle' Drumstick (which has 310 calories - but also has fudge in the center), but still big enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. I had hoped that the caramel that was on top of the ice cream continued through the cone, but it merely served as a decoration. A sweet, sweet decoration. The cone itself had a thin chocolate lining (a la Drumstick), and really was very satisfying. The fat girl in me could have eaten 2 cones or all 4 in the box, but I could do that with just about any dessert. Sticking to 1 cone allowed me to satisfy my sweets craving and not ruin my calorie goals for the day - a win-win situation.

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