Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lopez - the perfect place to spend Cinco de Mayo

The other evening, my boyfriend and I were fortunate enough to celebrate our Mexican heritage, or something like that, at Lopez in Cleveland Heights. Unlike my last visit to Lopez where there were a handful of people there, the place was totally packed. Not surprising, though, since it was Cinco de Mayo. Since I love Open Table and hate waiting, I'd made reservations weeks earlier. (Although Lopez ended up cancelling them on me a week before. I wanted my points, darn it!)

Despite how crowded it was, our server was great. She quickly brought us our little bag of chips and our little dish of salsa and kept the refills coming all night. She took our drink orders (after informing us that margaritas weren't half off like a normal Tuesday - a smart business move but sort of disappointing from a customer's perspective) and scurried off to wait on another table.

I ordered a traditional margarita. The "large" version. (I thought the large was a little bit larger when I was there a few weeks ago. hmmm.) I have no problem paying good money for good booze, but I'm not sure this little margarita was worth $9-ish dollars. It was tasty though, and a holiday, of sorts, so I wasn't about to argue about it with the server.

For my meal I got one of the two vegetarian entrees - the mushroom and goat cheese quesadilla.

It wasn't exactly what I expected. Maybe it was because my quesadillas looked like mushroom tacos, but I was sort of surprised at what arrived on my plate. My boyfriend's lobster enchiladas were a beautiful masterpiece, so I was thinking that maybe my quesadillas were just sort of thrown together because of how busy the restaurant was.

I can't way that I was wowed by the quesadillas, but they were pretty good. It was just hard for me to get past how sort of blah they looked. I appreciate any restaurant that has an entire vegetarian section on their menu and has a line stating they can accommodate vegetarian requests, so even if my meal had been awful, I wouldn't have been completely upset.

I hope to head back to Lopez when margaritas are half off and spend some time on their beautiful patio. I'll have to give a different vegetarian entree a shot, too, and see if I like it any better than the quesadillas.

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