Thursday, May 14, 2009

Forget what I said about Second Sole - I like Dicks (Sporting Goods)

Ugh. Having worked in retail and now working for a customer service oriented company, I was SO disappointed with the service I got at Second Sole the other night. After buying new shoes that I thought were fantabulous, I realized after I wore them twice that they really weren't all that comfortable. The first time I thought they were ok. Compared to the worn out shoes I'd been running in, they seemed great. But then I went to the gym and used the elliptical machine. Immediately my feet started to hurt.

Weird, I thought, but still nothing to cause alarm. But then I went to spinning class. Like I do three times a week every week. My feet hurt so much I almost left the class early. Afterwards, I jumped in the car, went home and got my shoebox and receipt and headed to Second Sole, where I'd purchased my shoes.

I walked into the store, still sweaty and disheveled. I plunked my shoebox down on the counter and told the clerk that I really hated my shoes and wanted to return them. She opened the box and said, "Oh, you've worn them." I explained that I'd worn them twice and that they made me miserable and that I'd rather run in stillettos than those shoes. She said she'd have to check with the manager. Who denied my return.

In any other store, I'd say that denying my return would be reasonable. But not at Second Sole! I've purposely shopped there because they're so flexible about things - and they want you to like your shoes! My boyfriend had a pair that he'd worn for weeks that made his feet blister and they took them back no questions asked. Why was my agonizing foot pain not enough? If I'd been bleeding or oozing would it have mattered?

What matters now is that I won't be shopping there ever again. I went to Dick's Sporting Goods and purchased a new pair of the shoes I've been running in for months. I had to go to two stores, but it was totally worth it.

Now I just wonder what I should do with my ridiculous expensive, u
nreturnable shoes?

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