Friday, May 15, 2009

Best cheap drinks in Cleveland at the Winking Lizard

Or should I say drink.

My favorite way to get a lot of booze for a little money (relatively speaking - I don't drink beer so that eliminates really cheap booze) is by ordering a "drink for two" from the Winking Lizard. Sure, your waiter might look at you a little funny if you're one person ordering a two person drink, but most times they'll just laugh.

Behold, the margarita for two.

Allegedly, it's supposed to be a drink and a half per person for $8. To me, it seems more like two drinks each. Or if you're me and you order one for yourself, it's four drinks. Or more booze than I should have in one sitting.

I'm a fan of the margarita for two but there are plenty of other "for two" options ranging from $7-10 - all with funny sounding names that I forgot once I started drinking my margaritas.
For the amount of alcohol you get, I don't think you can beat the price. I'll gladly pay $8 for a martini, so I'm even happier when I can get four drinks for that much.

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