Monday, July 15, 2013

In Search of Cleveland's Best Moscow Mule - 2013 Edition

Waaaay back in 2011 I blogged about my love of Moscow Mules. This was well before nearly every restaurant in Cleveland started serving up my absolute favorite drink of all time. I figured I should revisit my list and see if my former faves still make the cut and/or if any new restaurants deserve to be on the list.

In no particular order - Best Places to Get a Moscow Mule in Cleveland:

1. Hodge's - Downtown Cleveland (tots and mules...delicious)
2. District - Playhouse Square (new to the game but offers up a great mule)
3. Dante - Tremont (possibly my fave - love the ambiance at the bar)
4. Lava Lounge - Tremont (drank 5 too many of these on my birthday - oops!)
5. Felice - Shaker Square area (featured on the daily and late night happy hour menus!)
6. Deagan's - Lakewood (don't steal their copper mugs, ok?)
7. Washington Place Bistro - Little Italy (feel fancy pants when drinking a mule out on their patio)
8. Velvet Tango Room (perhaps the priciest in town - drink yours in the back room)
9. Market Garden (solid, as long as the bartender doesn't argue with you about how to make the drink)

I'd like to make this a top 10 list, but...I can't think of a 10th place to get a good Moscow Mule. (there are a couple watering holes around town that are intentionally NOT on this list)

And while I'm griping about the quality of Moscow Mules, would it kill more restaurants on the east side of town to offer up my favorite drink? Get with the program, east side watering holes!

If you're a fan of Moscow Mules, where do you go to get yourself a quality drink?

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  1. I just had my first one at Jeckyl's in Chagrin Falls! They call it a Texas Mule though. It was awesome!