Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Review: Moscow Mules at District in Playhouse Square

I had the opportunity to drop by District in the Playhouse Square area the other night for a Yelp event. It was a little hard to find since it's sort of off the beaten path. It's directly across the street from the Hanna Theater.

I was only able to sample a couple light bites at the event including a vegetable crostini with hummus and a tomato with fresh mozzarella, but I took a peek at the menu and there seemed to be a couple vegetarian friendly items. I'll have to stop back sometime to check out their food.

But what really caught my attention was the drink list. One of their featured cocktails is a Moscow Mule. And since I love Moscow Mules so much, I had to try it.

Moscow Mule in a non-copper mug

It came in a "different" kind of metal cup. Not copper...maybe stainless steel? I'm sure that adds to the flavor profile somehow, but...since the cup has no handle, it also makes it a little difficult to hold. The cup kept coating over with ice so I had to put it down on a table. (keep that in mind if you head there for happy hour - this one's too cold to hold!) It was one of the better Moscow Mules I've ever had, honestly. And for $9, it should have been. I feel like the price range for Moscow Mules is generally $5-$7, was a good, solid drink so I can't really complain. Too much.

I really need to revise my list of Cleveland's Best Moscow Mules from 2011. I definitely think District's Moscow Mule is right up there with Deagan's and Dante. (I'd also add Felice to that list if I were writing it now)

If you're a fan of the drink, where do you go to get your Mule on?

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