Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fresh Fork Market - Week 1

One of my favorite things about the summer is subscribing to Fresh Fork Market, a local CSA (community supported agriculture). For the low, low price of $25 a week, I get an assortment of veggies, fruits, cheese, yogurt and/or pasta from local farms. (I subscribe to the vegetarian option, but there are vegan and meat eater options, too)

Last week was week one of the CSA, and in my bag I got kale, strawberries, pea tendrils, lettuce, cheese, broccoli, pinto beans, black beans, and eggs. I'm not a big cheese eater and I don't eat eggs, but I plan on using everything else I got in my bag! (and those things won't go to waste - my boyfriend already made an omelet with the eggs and cheese and some random stuff I had in my fridge)

Ramp pasta with broccoli and pea tendrils

The nice thing about Fresh Fork Market is that you can purchase items when you go to pick up your bag-o-goodies. Last week I picked up quite a few extras - some corn chips, Blaze Gourmet Salsa (my fave!), some cheese curds (recently discovered them on a trip to Wisconsin - if you eat cheese, these are the best things ever), and some ramp pasta from Ohio City Pasta. Some weeks pasta comes in my bag but last week it didn't, and I really wanted to try out the ramp linguine that was being offered in the "meat" share.

I rushed home with my bag of greenery and got cooking. My boyfriend sauteed the kale with some garlic, oil, soy sauce, and ginger. I whipped up a salad with the lettuce I got and added in some pea tendrils, mushrooms, and tomatoes. (and tossed it with one of my favorite dressings - Garlic Expressions) I decided to do some experimental cooking and sauteed some garlic, red pepper flakes, oil, vegetable stock, with the remaining pea tendrils. Meanwhile, I was boiling up my broccoli with my ramp linguine, and when everything was cooked, I tossed it all together. I thought it was good. Even if it did taste a little green. (and it should have since it was chock full of veggies)

I'm currently in the middle of a juice cleanse, and I can't wait to nom on some of the fresh veggies that are going to be in my bag week - including one of my new favorites - kohlrabi!

Have you ever belonged to a CSA? Did you use everything you got or was it overwhelming?

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