Friday, January 25, 2013

Crazy Cat Lady Event Alert - Berea ARF Soup R Bowl

Hello, friends. I'm typing this post late at night, covered in paint. I'm up to my eyeballs in construction in my house this week, and I've had little time to do anything besides make trips to home improvement stores for my contractor. I call my house The Green Monster, and as much as I love my house, it's been quite a bit of work getting it to look like 31 year old Roxanne's house and not like the home of the 90 year old woman who lived in my house for 40 years. As you might imagine, we have different tastes. I've been on a painting streak since I moved in, and nearly my entire first floor is "done" now. I'm having my half bath remodeled this week (should be done today - hooray! need that extra bathroom for my Super Bowl party!) and because I'm overly anal about just about everything, I had my contractor paint the bathroom a color, but I ended up hating it so I repainted after he left for the night. Fun times! This whole painting process would be a heck of a lot easier if I picked out good colors in the first place! (it would also be easier if half of my house wasn't painted over wallpaper.)

As a reward for my efforts, I'm taking the weekend off from doing anything around the house. (in theory - it would nice to get my bedroom painted before my next party!) Tonight I'm going out with some friends to spend our "winnings" from bar trivia and tomorrow is one of my favorite events of the year - Berea ARF's Soup R Bowl, an all you can eat soup and sandwich buffet at Berea High School for the low low price of $10! (Kids meals are $5!)

The proceeds from this smorgasbord of soup, wraps, and chili benefits Berea Animal Rescue Friends, a no time limit dog and cat shelter in Berea, Ohio. (and yes, there are always vegetarian and even vegan options!) I've been a volunteering in the cat building for longer than I can remember and I'm really proud to be a part of this organization. I've seen some pretty miraculous things over the years and I've seen hundreds of kitties get fur-ever homes. Plus, it's going to be a pretty cold day again on Saturday, and what's better on a cold day than a bowl of soup?

If you're not able to attend this event, this mainly volunteer run organization is always looking for people to share their time or resources! Visit their site to learn more!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. We'll see if I can keep myself away from paint brushes...

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