Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vegetarian Friendly Brunch at The Harp in Cleveland

Despite how much I dislike breakfast, I really love brunch.  Why?  Because you can order "regular" food during breakfast hours!

Let's get in our time machine and head back to Father's Day, shall we?  My own father couldn't be bothered to return my phone calls, so I got to spend the day with my boyfriend's family.  It was a little ironic and bittersweet for me because we ended up doing a whole bunch of things that my dad wouldn't ever be willing to do, but...I was thankful that I got to tag along with people who enjoy spending time together. For the most part. (I could blog for weeks about my dysfunctional family, but I'd like to keep this blog as positive as I can)

We headed to The Harp for brunch.  Well, we actually headed there for lunch but didn't realize they only serve brunch during lunch hours on Sundays.  Oops.  As much as I dislike breakfast, I think my boyfriend dislikes brunch more.  While I never want to eat breakfast foods, he will not eat anything breakfasty if it's past 10:30 am. (no joke, here...I could make his favorite breakfast at 10:31 am and he wouldn't eat it)  Thankfully for him (and probably the rest of us, too), he was able to find something on the menu that was more lunchy. 

We were able to get a table outside which was great.  The best thing about The Harp is the view of the lake (and the huge Cleveland water tower), in my opinion.  My boyfriend's family was a little overly concerned that it might rain on us, but Mother Nature cut us a break and decided to hold off until we were walking from the casino to our car a few hours later.

I scanned the menu and found a few vegetarian items - ranging from eggs, to french toast, to salads to hummus.  I don't intentionally eat eggs, so I decided to go with  a waldorf chicken salad minus the chicken.  it was a little pricey for a salad at $10.99, but I can honestly say it was a filling lunch.  (it always irks me when I order a "meat" salad and have to pay full price even when I don't get the meat, but it is what it is, I guess) The salad was chock full of fruit.  I think there was at least an entire apple in there.  And it was fresh and flavorful.  The grapes were also nice and fresh and the strawberry vinegarette that the salad came with was surprisingly good.  I thought there could have been too many fruity flavors goin on there, but I was wrong. 

Had I not gone out the night before and celebrated a friend's birthday, I might have also indulged in a mimosa.  But alas, my head said "no."  There were a few different brunch drinks specials when we were there.

I'd love to go back to The Harp to check out their regular menu and have a drink or five on their lovely patio.  I really think that they have THE perfect location durring the summer.

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