Friday, February 10, 2012

How will you be spending your Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is my most favorite holiday.  No sarcasm.  I mean, what's not to love about love and a holiday that celebrates gluttony, pink things, and glitter?

Ironically, I have no fancy plans for Valentine's Day.  But I am holding a ladies only party tonight at my house featuring board games, appetizers, decadent desserts, booze, and a little bit of glitter.  Or maybe a lot of glitter.  I have decorations fit for a second grade classroom and treat sacks to distribute to everyone, along with prizes for the best (or worst) holiday inspired outfit.  I can't wait!

My most romantic Valentine's Day was years ago when I was working at a job I didn't particularly care for on an odd shift.  I came home miserable from work and my boyfriend had gotten take out vegetarian sushi from Sushi Rock (this was obviously a really long time ago, before Sushi Rock turned lame) and had dinner waiting for me along with my favorite white wine.  It was great.  My second favorite Valentine's Day memory is from when I was in college.  I was dating someone horrible, and I jokingly said to one of my best male friends, "I'm going to marry the first person who buys me flowers."  He also didn't care for my boyfriend at the time, and convinced my boyfriend to buy me a big balloon bouquet while he bought me an amazing bouquet of flowers.  He's gay, so we'll never get married, but I appreciate him for saving me from myself!  

My boyfriend and I have been dating (off and on) for what seems like forever, so the things that might impress other people (flowers, candy, spending too much on dinner) don't impress me much.  We are spending our Valentine's Day with a  bunch of friends, playing bar trivia.  Just like every other Tuesday.  But that's what's fun and works for us.  What are your holiday plans?

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  1. I love the idea of a girly girl glittery V-day bash! Even if we are married or dating or whatever, girlfriends are the best. Nice way to show them some love.