Thursday, October 6, 2011

Review: Burgers 2 Beer in Highland Heights

So...a vegetarian walks into a burger joint on opening night...

Burgers 2 Beer is housed in what was once Naya Bistro and has been retooled to be an upscale burgers and beer joint. Gone are the mojitos and hummus from the days of old. The menu is now jam packed with gluttonous things like tater tots slathered in cheese, onion rings, and burgers sandwiched in between donuts or grilled cheese sandwiches. I'm not a beer drinker, but there's a wall full of craft beer to wash it all down with, too.

I don't eat veggie burgers, but there is a black bean burger option available for the vegetarians. There are also a couple meat free salads. And I'm guessing that on a slightly less chaotic night, it would be possible to get one of the sandwiches or burgers containing meat to be modified to suit a person with special dietary needs.

Considering that I went during the grand opening, there were only a few minor hiccups. No silverware. Waitress who was confused about the specials. (I'd double check if you order what you think is a $1 beer - people at my table wouldn't have had so many drinks if they'd known they were actually $5!) And although there's a full bar, no one knows how to make a mojito....but...I'll cut them some slack. (perhaps have a drink menu for patrons so we don't confuse the bartender?)

The salad I had was good. My mom had the black bean veggie burger and was happy to see that it was homemade and not fresh from the freezer. The other two people at my table had burgers and beers and were pretty pleased with their meals. The only really awkward part of our meal was having to pay at the door - Denny's style. It was pretty packed, and I could see how someone could easily duck out without paying. I always feel weird tipping when I have to pay a cashier and not my server, too, but maybe that's just me.

What do you think about the "burgers and beer" trend that seems to be sweeping NEO?  Are you down with the burger joints?  Or are you like me and wish that we could get just one moderately priced vegan/vegetarian joint on the east side of town?

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