Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Best Thing I Ever Ate - Vegetarian Tofu Wings at Melt Bar and Grilled

As a lifelong vegetarian, there are quite a few foods I've never gotten to eat.  Steak.  Prim rib.  Lobster.  Obviously, I'm a vegetarian and have no desire to eat any of those kinds of things, but my meat eating friends often feel bad for me.  (I'd like to say, check back with me in 30 years when you have horrible diseases from eating dead things, but I refrain unless they're being a jerk about it.)

As a rule, I'm not all that big of a fan of fake meat because of its resemblance to real meat.  I'm not judging you if you like fake meat, but it's just not my thing.  I eat an occasional Gardein cutlet, but rarely anything else.  However, I was at Melt Bar and Grilled this past weekend celebrating my mother's 60th birthday (yes, my mom is THAT cool - and she claims they have the best veggie burger in town) and saw vegetarian tofu wings on the menu - for September only - so I had to order them.

I'm always game for trying new vegetarian food.  I buy up all of the new frozen entrees at Whole Foods.  I try to go to vegan and vegetarian nights around town.  So I've had tofu wings in the past.  But they were nothing like the tofu wings I had at Melt.  Holy hotness and deliciousness!

I've never had a real chicken wing, so I can't tell you if these tofu wings taste anything like a real wing.  Tthe meat eaters at my table said they did - and liked them enough to keep eating them.  It's rare that anyone will fight me over a hunk of tofu, so I took that to mean that these wings were damn good.  Maybe it was the spicy sauce...maybe it was the breading...but whatever it was, I'd like another order now, please!

If you're a fan of Melt (and you should be since they offer multiple vegan and vegetarian options! and even if you're not a vegetarian, they offer an amazing beer selection!) please try the tofu wings this month.  I'd like to see them sell well enough to become a regular menu item!


  1. I know I'm about a year too late, but I just had these this afternoon at Melt. They were amazing. I ended up here because I'm looking everywhere I can to find a recipe for them! Have you run into any that come close?

  2. OMG!!!! YES....INDEED the tofu wings at MELT are so seriously delicious and I for one am addicted them! however, they are a bit pricey at $11 for an appetizer....but they are so darn good I will pay : )~