Thursday, August 4, 2011

Review: Market in Rocky River - Great Atmosphere, Not So Great Service

 Have you ever gone to a restaurant and really wanted to like it but you just couldn't?  That was my experience at Market in Rocky River.  The atmosphere is amazing!  Big tvs everywhere.  Huge patio.  Exposed brick.  Clean lines.  But all of that was negated by our snippy server and less than stellar grub.

I stopped by on a sunny Sunday afternoon to enjoy lunch with my boyfriend and his parents. We were seated on the patio and then were forgotten about. It was hot out, so getting drinks in a timely manner would have been appreciated. My boyfriend's parents are nice but do ask servers a lot of questions, and I think that turned our server off. He was pretty much absent throughout our entire meal and got an attitude if we dared ask for anything extra. (Was getting me more water really all that difficult, dude?)

We started out with the fried pickle appetizer. It was ok. Not sure I was a fan of the pretzel crust or the onion dip that came along with them, but...they were alright. My boyfriend's Moscow mule was almost undrinkable because it was so sweet and gingery. I ordered pretty much the only vegetarian item on the brunch menu - a fried goat cheese salad. I like goat cheese, but wow! I got a hockey puck sized piece of it. I think that would be a bit much for anyone to stomach.

My boyfriend and his parents all enjoyed the French Dip sandwich they ordered. His mother enjoyed hers a bit less because she's lactose intolerant and had asked for no cheese on her sandwich. If our waiter had asked us if our meals had come our alright, we might have been able to tell him.

Overall, a very disappointing experience. I'd been to Market for a special event last fall and had enjoyed my brunch (what's up Hermes awards?) but the poor service and snippy attitude of our server coupled with my less than awesome food gives me no reason to want to go back.

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  1. I have been there twice and both times the service was terrible and so was the food. I wish it was better because it is so close to me. I tried the brunch menu and the dinner menu and wasn't impressed either time. so sad