Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Last Supper or What I'd Like as My Last Meal

No, no no.  Not that last supper.

I happen to be a reality tv junkie and love Top Chef (Season finale airs tonight!  Go Richard!), and thought they featured a really interesting challenge last week.  The three remaining chef-testants had to cook the "last meal" of a famous chef.  It was interesting to see what was requested - primarily dishes from their childhoods, whether homemade or store bought. (apple strudel versus fried chicken) 

Watching the episode got me thinking about what I'd want for my last meal.  If you read my blog, you know I love food.  All kinds of food, and I can think of a half dozen dishes that I feel like I can't live without, from restaurants near and far.  But do you know what I'd want for my last meal?  A grilled cheese sandwich on Millbrook wheat bread with a side order of hash browns made with Jane's Krazy Salt.  Sort of random, I know.  But this was a meal my mother made for me umpteen times as a kid.  And through college.  And even a couple weeks ago when I was suffering from bronchitis.  It's a basic meal.  I could probably make it for myself if I ever bought bread, but something about having a meal cooked by my mother makes it special.  (Also, she uses waaay more butter and oil than I ever would, so it's greasy and delicious - I just can't cook like that, but if she makes it that way, I'll eat it.)  I think what you'd like for your last meal says a lot about you as a person.

What would you want for your last meal?  A home cooked classic?  A gourmet feast from your favorite restaurant?  An ice cream sundae?  (My last meal dessert would be a brownie monster from Tommy's, btw.) 

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