Friday, December 18, 2009

You down with OPP? (Original Pancake House's Pancakes)

There seems to be an epidemic of talk of being single in Cleveland blogs this week, so I'll avoid dipping into the melancholy.  Instead I want to talk to you about OPP - the Original Pancake House's pancakes.  (it's a stretch, I know.)

I went to the house of flapjackery last weekend.  I'm generally not a fan of breakfast, but my eating has been a little bit out of whack lately, so I figured why the heck not?  (BTW - that's my motto for 2010 - why the heck not?  that should lead me on some exciting adventures!)  It was breakfast time.  I was hungry.  And I'd never been there before.

I was expecting an experience in between Denny's (frightening and dirty) and Eat 'N Park (ok service - meh food).  Thankfully, the Original Pancake House is like neither of those other places.  I went to the Woodmere location.  It was jam packed with people, which I assumed was a good sign.  The hostess was friendly and I was seated just a couple minutes after walking in the door.  My server greeted me with a mug of steaming hot coffee when he approached the table.  (A good way to up the dollars per sale, if you ask me.  How many people will refuse fresh hot coffee on a cold December morning?  Hmmm?)

I was uber delighted to see pumpkin pancakes on the menu.  (Remember my love of all things pumpkin that I blabbed about in early fall?)  They're surprisingly hard to find.  At least at most chain-type restaurants.  I decided to order them without the dollops of whipped cream that are supposed to be served with them, but I still think they were a thing of glory.

Yes, folks, they tasted as good as they look.  I could have polished off the whole plate...but I restrained myself.  The subtle pumpkin-y flavor got better with every bite.  I liked these pancakes so much, I might just go back again before the holidays.  Considering that I've been a breakfast-phobe for so long, that's a strong statement coming from me.  But these pancakes were just THAT good!

What's your favorite Cleveland breakfast spot?

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