Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Praise Seitan and the New Bomb Turkey November Special at Melt

I have a serious infatuation with Melt.  I like their food.  Their drinks.  And their vegan and vegetarian friendly attitude.  Being a member of The Big Cheese Club, I got an email early Sunday morning to let me know about Melt's November food and drink specials.  The sandwich of the month is the New Bomb Turkey (or for us vegetarian and vegan folk - the New Bomb Seitan) - a combination of turkey or seitan, sage stuffing, butternut squash, Muenster cheese, and a cranberry dipping sauce.  I love all things related to fake turkey, so I decided that I had to give it a try.  

As with most things in life, all things worth having require patience or in this case, an extended wait for a table.  Which was ok by me because it gave me a chance to sample the martini of the month - the harvest apple martini - a combination of apple cider, apple cider vodka, chai liquor, and some "secret" ingredients.  (perhaps cinnamon and sugary water?)  
I'm no connoisseur of martinis, but I definitely enjoyed the strong cider flavor of this martini.  It reminded me of a cross of the pumpkin martini that was on special last month and an apple martini.  Those are two things that I enjoy a lot, so I was definitely pleased.  

What was even more impressive was my sandwich, though.  Behold, the glory of the New Bomb Seitan: 

In my excitement, I forgot to get a good cross section photo of the sandwich, but as with all other Melt sandwiches, it was generously layered with stuffing, squash, seitan, and of course, cheese.  I'm a little hesitant when it comes to trying out monthly specials, since I love my stand-by sandwich, the Purple Parma so much,  but being a fan of all of the individual components, I had the highest of hopes for this special.  And it didn't let me down.  This is by far the most flavorful sandwich I've ever eaten at Melt.  Every bite was a little different tasting, depending on the combination of squash, stuffing, seitan, and cheese, but it just kept getting better and better.  It might sound cheesy or cliche, but this really was like a Thanksgiving explosion of flavor in my mouth.  I loved every mouthful.  In fact, this might just tie for my favorite monthly special, along with last December's macaroni and cheese sandwich (which I hope makes a comeback this year!).  

If you're a fan of fall flavors, you have to try this monthly special while you can.  Hurry now, November will be over soon!


  1. Did you happen to get a bite of the Sept special? The fried green tomatoe and jalapeno corn bread. Man that was delicious. I'm seriously considering the long wait for this new one now. Yum

  2. I didn't get to try the September special. I was pretty bummed about that. I love fried green tomatoes! If it was half as good as the new bomb turkey, it must have been incredible!

  3. The New Bomb Turkey may be my favorite Melt monthly special. However, I am basing that on last year's version. This year's version was good (I got it on Sunday of course!), but it didn't have nearly as much butternut squash as last year's, and to me, you can never have too much butternut squash!

  4. Yeah, my sandwich wasn't all that squashy, but it was overflowing with stuffing. I <3 stuffing so that made me happy.

    I can't wait for next month's macaroni and cheese melt...if they have that special again. That's my favorite!