Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving, Ya'll

I used to get sad on Thanksgiving.  It's not exactly the most vegetarian friendly holiday.  But, I've come to focus on the positives of Thanksgiving (togetherness, the opportunity to let meat-a-tarian people eat delicious vegan and vegetarian food, forcing myself to learn how to cook outside of my microwave comfort zone) and not the negatives (mass turkey murders). 

This year my boyfriend and I are hosting Thanksgiving dinner.  (After I run in the Turkey Trot - what better way to prepare for a feast than with a 5 mile run in normally inclement weather!)  You couldn't pay me to cook a turkey, so my boyfriend (who can out cook me any day of the week) will be preparing that while I make the majority of sides and desserts.  I set out on a mission a few months back to 1. cook more often and 2. learn how to make some healthier fare. contributions to this year's Thanksgiving dinner (our first dinner on a grown up dining room table - woo!) will be all vegan.  I know...a little risky...but I've done plenty of "trial runs" on the dishes I plan on making, so hopefully my boyfriend and his family won't be disappointed. 
Here's my menu:

Vegan cheeze ball and crackers (I haven't actually made this before - I hope it doesn't stink)
Veggies and dip

Smashed Potatoes (no peeling + nutrient rich potato skins = WIN)
Salad (with dressing from Pizzazz - did you know you can buy it by the pint?)
Roasted garlic cauliflower (I'm using purple cauliflower!)
Arrowhead Mills chestnuts and sage stuffing (minus the meaty stuff and using vegan ingredients)


I generally end up making more than I plan on, so I might thrown in another veggie side or two (Brussels sprouts, anyone?) and another type of cookies. No matter what you end up eating tomorrow, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

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