Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Possible Vegan Cafe in Cleveland - Flaming Ice Cube

I've blogged in the past about what I consider to be the best spot for vegan grub in Ohio - The Flaming Ice Cube, located in Boardman, Ohio. (near Youngstown) Their food is amazing. I've always said that if I were to live out my dream and open a vegetarian or vegan cafe, I'd want it to be just like the cube. I've also said that I'd be in big trouble and or poor if they opened a location anywhere closer to my house because I'd have to eat there all the time. Well...I might need to start hoarding my pennies because there's the potential for a second location to be opened in Cleveland.

I received a forwarded email from
Cleveland Veganz from a passionate guy named Robert who's trying to convince the owner of The Flaming Ice Cube to head north and open a second location. He's looking for people to check out The Flaming Ice Cube's web site and then let the management at the cube know if they'd be willing to frequent a Cleveland location. Click here to let the manager at The Flaming Ice Cube know what you think about this exciting prospect...I already did!

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