Friday, October 9, 2009

Berea ARF Monster Mutt Dash

I have an extremely hectic weekend coming up. Tremont Art Walk tomorrow afternoon...12 mile training run Sunday...but the most charitable thing I'm doing this weekend is participating in Berea ARF's Monster Mutt Dash, a 5K to benefit this no-kill, mainly volunteer organization. The race is tomorrow, October 10 at 10 am, and thanks to my very generous friends and family, I've exceeded my fund-raising goals. (thanks, guys) I'd give up my left arm if it meant this shelter could stay open until infinity, but since that would just be messy and would make it harder to scoop cat litter while I'm volunteering, I'll just solicit donations instead.

It's not too late to sign up for this race...there's a run or a walk (if you walk, you're more than welcome to bring your dog with you - preferably in costume). Afterwards, there are some fun people and doggie activities.
If you participate, look for the girl in pigtails running away from dogs as fast as possible. (they scare me)

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