Sunday, June 7, 2009

The verdict on CPK's frozen pizza - meh

As any good fat person stuck in a skinny person's body will tell you, it's not unusual to have bizarre food cravings. I can't tell you why I want to eat gallons of cottage cheese at a time or a bushel of tomatoes, but when I want a specific food item, I have to have it.

After going to spinning class the other night I felt the urge to eat pizza. And not just any pizza - margherita pizza. Knowing that I only had Amy's pesto pizza in my freezer at home, I dropped by my local Zagara's grocery store to find something to satisfy my food urge.

I came across the California Pizza Kitchen Margherita Pizza for One.

This met my hungry girl/lazy girl criteria to a t. Pizza? Check. Microwaveable? Check. Less than 500 calories? Check. (420 calories/18 grams of fat if you're keeping score) The only thing that made me hesitate for a split second was that it came o thin crust. I like thin crust, but my hunger profile was seeking doughy goodness.

I followed the microwave directions on the package and was fairly please with what I saw when I opened the microwave door.

Not too oily. Smelled like regular pizza. And once I bit in, it almost tasted like regular pizza. Bland, regular pizza. On a cracker. Yeah. Not exactly what I'd hoped for, but still edible. It quieted the beast that lives within my stomach. For the convenience factor I'd definitely try another one of CPK's frozen pizzas. Next time I might just get one with regular crust.

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