Friday, June 5, 2009

Some things really need salt

I'm sad to admit that I had quite possibly the worst Amy's entree the other day. Amy's light in sodium black bean and vegetable enchilada. I'm on a bit of an enchilada kick and hoped - really hoped - that this entree would be up to snuff.

But it wasn't.

First of all - it looked like this after being microwaved -

I don't know what that looks like to you, but it's not exactly appetizing.

Secondly, it tasted like it was low in sodium. The Amy's website claims that a "normal" enchilada entree has 390 mg of sodium and that this "light" version only has 190 mg. Enchiladas must need that much sodium to taste half-way decent, because I've had other varieties of Amy's low-sodium entrees and soups and they've tasted fine.

Another irritating factor was that each enchilada counts as one serving - with 160 calories each. I don't know who would microwave a frozen entree with two smooshed together enchiladas and only eat one, but what do I know...

My advice? Skip the low sodium enchiladas. Go for an Amy's cheese enchilada or a Whole Foods 365 enchilada. They may have more sodium but they'll also have more flavor.

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