Monday, June 15, 2009

Seeds of Change Amantani Whole Grain Blend

Always the sucker for new products at Whole Foods, over the weekend I picked up Seeds of Change's Amantani Whole Grain Blend Quinoa and Rice blend. Not only does it contain wild rice, but it also has red, white and black quinoa. I'm generally a fan of quinoa, so I thought that I'd like this new healthy concoction (190 calories/serving, 5 grams protein/1.5 grams fat)

My boyfriend begrudgingly let me make this as a side dish for our weekly Sunday dinner. He's not really a fan of rice or grains, so I didn't have high expectations for him to like this dish. And I was right. After two small forkfuls, he was done. But that was good because it left more for me!

I can't say this was the best grain side I've ever eaten. The sauce (which contained, most noticeably, carrots and spinach) was less flavorful than I expected and left a very subtle vegetable-y flavor. It definitely tasted healthy - which I can handle in a grain dish. (just not plenty of other things) I wouldn't call this a home-run, but I'd definitely eat it again. If you like wild rice - like, really, really, like it - you'll like this dish. I think.

On an unrelated note, if you're into gardening, check out the Seeds of website here. They sells seeds and other gardening supplies and offer tips on urban gardening, gardening in general, and more!

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