Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Never launch a web site...

Without all of your relevant content.

Omg. That sounded so geeky. My new job in e-marketing must be getting to me.

One of my favorite local websites is the Cleveland Independents site - which features information about locally owned restaurants in Cleveland, including specials, events, and discounts. I've been following the site since it launched as "Cleveland Originals" many moons ago. Today it seems to have undergone a redesign. Why, I'm not sure. It had a great flash intro and intuitive links before...now it's a jumbled mess of words, links, and incomplete pages. Ugh. The overall design now is less sleek than it was before. I'm no web genius, but I think a web master's goal should be to make a site better - not worse!

Despite the funky formatting (that I hope gets fixed in the next few days), Cleveland Independents is a great source for information on restaurants in the greater Cleveland area. If you're into supporting local restaurants like I am, it's a great one stop shop for locating a neat independently owned place to try out.

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