Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Grumpy's is surprisingly not grumpy

After running in the Cleveland Marathon 10K on Sunday, a few of my runner friends and their supporters (read: spouses) went with me to Grumpy's Cafe in Tremont to negate our calorie burning. I'd never been there, but with my adventurous dining kick, I thought it was worth a shot.

The thing that hit me as soon as I walked in was how "un-grumpy" Grumpy's was. (I love irony.)

Our server was right on the spot with coffee. Almost immediately she brought us some fresh cups of joe. (In fun mugs. They use a hodge podge of them.) Maybe we looked a little tired after the race, but I think she was just on top of things.

I ordered the pumpkin pancakes. I love anything pumpkin, and since this isn't exactly pumpkin season, I was so happy to see them on the menu. I got the "short stack" which consisted of 2 really large pancakes for $4.99.

They were so good. They had a subtle pumpkin flavor that worked really nicely with the syrup I slathered on them. The pancakes should have some with home fries, but I didn't think eating grease so soon after my race would be a good idea, especially in combination with sugary pancakes.

The person sitting to my left got the apple pancakes and they smelled delicious. The person to my right got the walnut french toast and seemed to really enjoy it. Heck, we all gobbled down our food, so I don't think there was a bad item on the menu. I'm not really a breakfast eater, but if you are, this might be a place you want to check out for a surprisingly upbeat breakfast.

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