Saturday, May 2, 2009

An excuse for me to take a field trip to Akron

Admittedly, I'm a crazy cat lady. If I hadn't met my boyfriend, by now I'd have at least 6 -12 cats. I'm not all that fond of dogs. Unless they're in pictures, like what you'd see at Cute Overload or ihashotdog. Which is why I was excited to learn about the William Wegman: Fey exhibit that's going to be at the Akron Art Museum starting May 16. (thanks for the tip, Kelly!) It runs through August 16 and features black and white and color photos of Wegman's dog Fey. My boyfriend has always wanted to get a Weimarainer, and although I appreciate their beauty - they're still dogs and they'd probably eat at least one of my cats.

Stay tuned for mor info on my field trip...I might just hit up VegiTerranean on my field trip.

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