Saturday, May 16, 2009

Amy's Muttar Tofu

In high-school, the majority of my friends were Indian. I was known as the "honorary Indian" in our circle of friends, and was essentially an Indian culture groupie. Although my best friend was South Indian, she'd humor me and go with me to North Indian restaurants. (which are the most common kinds of Indian restaurants you'll find - South Indian restaurants are typically vegetarian) I'm a pretty picky eater, and once I discovered muttar paneer - peas and cheese in a curry sauce - I really never ordered anything different ever again. (unless I went to an Indian buffet - everything is fair game there if it's vegetarian) As an adult, I realized that my favorite Indian dish probably didn't have the best nutrition stats, and was happy to discover Amy's Muttar Paneer (320 calories/8 grams of fat) and Amy's Muttar Tofu (260 calories/8 grams of fat). Despite my love of muttar paneer, I actually prefer Amy's tofu variety because it comes with delicious dal, a slightly spicy lentil dish.

(Not quite as pretty as the picture on the box but still pretty tasty)
If you like Indian food, you should definitely give Amy's different entrees a try. In addition to the muttar dishes, they also have palak paneer (essentially a "green" version of muttar paneer), paneer tika, and vegetable korma. You won't be disappointed. If anything, you feel better about eating a normal sized portion with an acceptable amount of calories.

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