Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wallaby Yogurt - Get some free stuff

I've briefly mentioned my love of Wallaby yogurt in previous posts, but I really think I'm starting to have some sort of addiction. Is it because the Dulce de Leche variety is so delicious? The Blueberry variety tastes like eating blueberries off the vine? The Strawberry variety reminds me of the "fruit on the bottom" yogurt I used to enjoy in my youth - before they started using gelatin? Or the fat free Vanilla Bean that tastes just like Breyer's Natural Vanilla ice cream? Although I do enjoy all of those flavors, I think I'm slightly more consumed by the idea of getting free stuff.

The little foil lids on Wallaby yogurt proclaim that if you save enough of them, you can get free stuff to put in your pouch. (Corny, but a nice, cutesy marketing tactic.) I first noticed this promotion last month and have saved around 30 lids so far. I'm shooting for the t-shirt, which "costs" 45 lids. I had hoped to get a stuffed wallaby, but with less than a month left until the postmarked lids have to be mailed in, I don't think that's feasible. Unless I eat a heck of a lot of yogurt!
I do pity the poor person who has to open the envelops containing yogurt lids.

You know most people lick their lids to clean them off. I know I sometimes do, if I'm not near a sink. I couldn't imagine having to paw through thousands of previously licked lids. Perhaps cubicle dwelling isn't so bad after all...

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