Thursday, March 19, 2009


In an attempt to spread the word about vegetarian dining options in Cleveland, I joined Yelp yesterday. I've written 3 reviews already. And one has been tagged as useful! Woo!

In other non-review news, I've been attempting to cook the past few days. Using the oven. Frightening, I know. It started out as a quest to make a vegetarian Ruben, which I quickly gave up on due to the number of ingredients required, and evolved into making vegetables that I normally wouldn't eat and/or make from scratch.

On Monday night I made roasted garlic cauliflower. Normally I think cauliflower is pretty "meh" but this simple recipe made the cauliflower pretty flavorful. When I first bit into it, the cauliflower tasted "meh" but then my mouth was hit with a nice garlic-y flavor. I sprinkled on only a tiny bit of cheese which wasn't even needed.

Tuesday was St. Patrick's Day, so there was absolutely no cooking going on. Microwaving, yes, cooking, no. While downtown celebrating my heritage, I did have some of Teresa's pizza. I was pretty disappointed. It looked so cheesy and delicious but tasted bland and oily. Yuck-o. I've had their pizza before and thought it was good, but after this slice, I hope to never have it again.

Last night I made rosemary red potatoes. It's not rocket science to roast diced potatoes, but I think I used too little oil. (I'd made these potatoes following the recipe and they were dripping in oil. Like that slice of Teresa's pizza I had on Tuesday.) Although the potatoes ended up being a little dry, they had a nice rosemary-garlic-onion flavor. I'll keep experimenting with the recipe.

Tonight I'm headed to the Cleveland Wine School for a CSU Alumni event. I wouldn't normally put a wine tasting together with a finance lecture...but we'll see what happens.

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