Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mangos, Trees, and Bar Food

This past weekend was quite adventurous for me. I went out all 3 weekend nights - something I never do!

Friday I went to Johnny Mango with my boyfriend and one of his friends. I'd forgotten how much I miss Johnny Mango. There used to be a location in Willoughby and I went there fairly often. I realized that I especially miss the margaritas. I had two mango lime margaritas. Mmm. So fresh and fruity. Not quite as fresh as the "squeezed in front of you" margaritas at Melt, but still pretty darn good. My boyfriend had the Pom margarita which I didn't care for. I think a lot of pomegranate drinks are hit or miss. My boyfriend's friend had a Napoleon. All I can tell you about it is that it's a martini with multiple kinds of fruity booze and is ridiculously strong.

Saturday, before volunteering at the Berea Animal Rescue (which I do every other Saturday), I stopped in Treehugger's Cafe in Berea. Nestled in an industrial looking shopping plaza, you wouldn't expect much from the restaurant, food or ambiance-wise, but once you step over the threshold, you're whisked away from the drab exterior. The walls are painted a nice earthy green and there's a warm, glowing fake fireplace next to an enormous tree mural. This little cafe tries to use locally grown/produced food and materials and has a plethora of vegetarian options. I had the Chickerspot Butterfly Veggie wrap, which had grilled tofu and fresh veggies. Alongside the wrap was a very flavorful vegan and gluten free Thai pasta salad. I've been on a sweet potato kick lately, so I ordered a side of sweet potato fries which arrived with some brown sugar sprinkled over them. The entire meal was super fresh and flavorful. I hope to go there every time I work at the shelter so I can try out their many pastas and entree specials.

Saturday night I enjoyed a delicious (and relatively low calorie) Amy's Organic pizza before heading out to meet up with some high school friends at Pannini's In Willoughby. I'm in the midst of planning my 10 year reunion, and it's nice to get ideas from different people on what sort of even we should have. More on that later...

Apparently Sunday was a big day in sports, so I went to the Winking Lizard in Mentor to watch the Super Bowl. Or to eat some bar food and play with my iphone. the highlight of my meal was a hot fudge sundae. Not exactly healthy, but I'd burned nearly 600 calories at the gym beforehand. it took me a minute to realize what was so good about it. It was the ice cream - Pierre's french vanilla! The taste of that ice cream is unmistakable. Tommy's in Coventry uses it in their sundaes, too. It was so good that I want to run out and buy a gallon - to gorge myself and to support Cleveland's own! After eating the sundae, I gave up on pretending to watch football and headed home to watch the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. It was much more exciting than real sports.

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