Friday, September 12, 2008

Week in Review

I've dined out more than normal this week. I went to Pizzazz last night with my boyfriend. I typically go to the Mayfield Village location for lunch when I'm at work so we decided to go to the University Heights location for a change of pace. I'd forgotten how much nicer the University Heights location is. We both ordered delicious house salads - minus the pepperoni garnish for me. I don't know what they do to their house dressing but it's so good, I could drink it. We both also ordered calzones - spinach and mushroom for me and chicken veggie for him. As with everything else in the restaurant, the calzones were even different from the ones served at the Mayfield Village location. They were smaller and crispier - something that I liked but my boyfriend didn't. They also came with cheese. Delicious, delicious cheese.

Earlier in the week I went to Yours Truly - twice. Still good as always. I tried a new vegetarian appetizer - flash fried artichokes with a side of ranch. Although they were fried, the artichokes weren't greasy or heavy. They were really tasty - even with out the ranch.

I started off the week with lunch from Tommy's in Coventry. Trying to be a little bit healthier, I avoided my favorite falafel sandwich and had some black bean chili and a tossed salad instead.

On one of the few nights where I ate at home I made some homemade pasta sauce with tomatoes fresh from my mother's garden. There's nothing like fresh pasta sauce made with home grown basil and garlic. Sadly, her tomato supply is starting to dry up so I'm going to have to start buying tomatoes at the store again.

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